Terri & Troy - Tamarindo Wedding - Costa Rica - Family & Love
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Terri & Troy ~ Love and Family in Tamarindo

Terri & Troy ~ Love and Family in Tamarindo

A Tamarindo Wedding is what love is made of. It’s hard to find the words to say what this kind of wedding makes one feel, but it’s touching to see a couple share their wedding vows with their children present. Terri and Troy brought together a beautiful family in an intimate ceremony on the beach for their Tamarindo wedding. Time brought these two together, their kids are older now, and everyone seemed so happy and it all felt so right, you could see it!

I’m happy to have been part of this Tamarindo wedding. It was light, and a wedding of sharing a moment and making it final, not just with Terri and Troy, but with the kids, as well. Terri and Troy trusted the planning process and it was about having fun, albeit what they wanted was simple and sweet, they just ran with it. It was all about family vacation and wedding vows.

Flowers and design: Kristina of Perennial Weddings Photography: Samba to the Sea Venue: Pangas Beach Club Officiate: Lyle of Tamarindo Church