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Steve Curtis from Capullo Sportfishing &

Steve Curtis from Capullo Sportfishing &




Steve Curtis has been fishing and living in Tamarindo for over 28 years.  He owns Capullo Sportfishing and a website all about Tamarindo,  If anyone knows about Costa Rica its Steve, but lets see what he thinks about weddings.  🙂
Capullo Sportfishing and

What do you do?  I run a charter sportfishing business out of Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, as well as a website for Tamarindo.

Where are you from? I’m originally from Springfield, MO. I came to Costa Rica in 1982.

Who are you in 5 words? Content Expertise-Admiring Timeless Entrepreneur

What is your style? A bit of a nitpicker, willing to pay attention to detail, but not bound by unrealistic expectations.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?  Why?  The actual vows part, the denouement; I’m a sucker for poignancy.

What do you find to be the most memorable about a wedding?  I’m always impressed by how all those in attendance, in their own way, honor the sanctity of the event.

What is a tip you would like to give brides and grooms about weddings?  Well, my wife and I got hitched here in Tamarindo over 20 years ago, back when there was no electricity, no phones, and we had to walk miles in knee-deep snow to get…..just suffice it to say that my advice is to work with a wedding planner, and let someone else handle the stress of all the endless details.

In a few sentences, as to not bore us 🙂 , what brought you to Costa Rica?  I came here out of curiosity, found a great deal of beauty in the land and the people, and decided it would be a great place to spend the rest of my life.

What is your favorite place in Costa Rica.  Why?  My favorite place in Costa Rica is ten minutes outside of practically any town. Once you get in the rural areas, you find a wonderful simplicity, and a timeless contentment in those you meet.

What do you love about your line of work?  Well, my line of work involves the effort to provide an opportunity for a great experience for someone, and sweating out the details is challenging and great fun.

Tell me something, anything. I’m struck by the way in which our home, Tamarindo, is changing these days. Not so long ago there was just a collection of different types of people doing their own thing, but nowadays it’s easy to spot a developing sense of community, and that’s a wonderful thing.