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Visiting in Rainy Season? Sure, why not!

Visiting in Rainy Season? Sure, why not!

Rainy season may not sound like the best time to visit Costa Rica.  Who likes rain?  You’d be surprised.

Rainy season in Costa Rica runs from May to mid-November.  With the exception being October, when there are days where it will rain non-stop, the rest of rainy season is very pleasant.  It generally rains an hour or two a day, you can enjoy your morning and afternoon on the beach and in the afternoon, take a break and enjoy the rain, as it cools things off just enough.  Rainy season is very green, there’s no dust, hotels and tours are less expensive, and flights are reasonably priced, that’s a BIG plus.  Finally, all the sunsets are beautiful, however, rainy season sunsets are SPECTACULAR!












So, if you’re prepared to bear the rain (and sun), you’ve booked your flight, you know where you’re staying, now you need to know what to pack.  The list isn’t long, but there are a few extras that you need to consider:

  1. Raincoat.  Of course.
  2. Rainboots.  Flip flops also work, but sometimes you just get tired of having wet feet.
  3. Umbrella.  Because sometimes its just too warm for a raincoat that may not breathe.
  4. Bug Spray.  Along with rain, come the mosquitoes.  Although you don’t have to worry about malaria, they do itch!
  5. Sweater.  Nights can cool off, of course “cool” is all relative.  Coming from Antarctica?  It may not be that cool.
  6. Pants.  See #5, “Sweater”.
  7. Reading Material.  For when you’re laying in your hammock listening to the rain.  🙂
  8. Anti-Frizz Serum.  This is kind of a joke, BUT not really, you may need it!  If its not raining, its humid.

And of course you’ll want to pack all the other basics, bathing suit, sun dresses, tshirts, shorts, maybe a towel and toiletries.

If you decide to get married here during rainy season, not to worry, we can make it work, we take precautions, have a plan B and even C.  If you get a sprinkling, its good luck!

Costa Rica is beautiful, rainy season or dry season.