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Flower-less Ceremony Design

Flower-less Ceremony Design

As you explore ideas for your ceremony decorations, you’re probably thinking flowers.  You are probably also thinking about what you want the feel to be, perhaps its lux, or simple, or natural, maybe burlap, maybe fun, boho, tropical, or colorful.  Whatever your thoughts may be, have you considered not using flowers at all?  You can get that lux, or simple, or natural, or tropical feel without real flowers.  Here are some ideas we’ve put together and we love them all!

Row by row, starting from upper left:

  • Rustic wood arch with sheer ombre material.
  • Chandelier from a simple wooden canopy.
  • Yards and yards of burlap with white satin ribbon, puddling on the sand.
  • So much lovely, colorful ribbon, hanging from a rustic wooden frame.
  • Lots of driftwood posts with a simple white canopy.
  • Wooden frame, with the ocean, sand and couple as the focus.
  • Paper flower chains from a rustic wooden frame.

Fore more details and ceremony ideas, visit our Pinterest page here.