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Toh from Bidrop

Toh from Bidrop




Toh has been doing photography for about 15 years, both commercially and now for weddings.  He lives in Tamarindo with his family and we thoroughly enjoy working with him!

Toh from Bidrop

What do you do?  I capture moments and create images.

Where are you from?  Born and raised in the center of good old Europe: France.

Who are you in 5 words?  Image lover creative curious photographer

What is your style?  I guess it is either documentary or carefully crafted funky photography.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?  Why?  Just after the ceremony, when all the stress is down, people totally relax and just appreciate the moment they are living, not anymore the anticipation of it.

What do you find to be the most memorable about a wedding?  Well, the fact that it happened…

What is a tip you would like to give brides and grooms about weddings?  Relax… take it easy, especially if you are in Costa Rica… Enjoy the moment don’t ruin it with unnecessary stress, don’t be a BrideZilla, be a Pura Vida Bride…

In a few sentences, as to not bore us :), what brought you to Costa Rica?  A travel habit fueled by curiosity. I have visited a lot of countries but fell in love with Costa Rica.

What is your favorite place in Costa Rica.  Why?  Tamarindo and surroundings of course (I live there…), for the beautiful bay, beach and waves, but also for the crazy multicultural community living here.

What do you love about your line of work?  Almost everything, how can’t you love being on the beach or other beautiful settings, taking photographs of happy people who give you their trust… honestly…

Tell me something, anything.  My daughter is the most intelligent and beautiful girl in the world… and nothing beats a real baguette sandwich with butter and cornichons…

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