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Plan Your Own Wedding or Use a Wedding Coordinator

Plan Your Own Wedding or Use a Wedding Coordinator




Wedding coordinators are meant to make the planning process easier.  They present venues, negotiate rates, give ideas, organize vendors and make your wedding day run smoothly.  Wedding coordinators are not for everyone, HOWEVER, in Costa Rica they are imperative.  In order for your wedding to be stress free and everything you dream of, a wedding coordinator is an absolute must.

If you are deciding between using a wedding coordinator and doing it yourself, here are five things to consider:

  1. Communication barriers.  Costa Rica is a primarily Spanish speaking country.  The younger generation is learning English, however, the older generation is still running all the businesses; florist, rental company, entertainment, event managers at venues, transportation, and much more.  Perennial Weddings will negotiate with vendors and get the best possible rates for your wedding and reception.
  2. Travel.  There are many ways of getting to Costa Rica, there are many ways of traveling within Costa Rica, however, there are definite easy ways and hard ways.  We will give you our recommendations for traveling to Costa Rica and within the country; where should you fly into, how to get to your hotel or rental, should you take a shuttle, should you rent a car, where can you get a cell phone, and so on.
  3. Hidden jems.  There are many hidden jems in Costa Rica, whether it be a secluded beach, a beautiful flower, a new venue, or fun entertainment, we know where to find it.  These are things that you may not find without endless hours of research.
  4. Design availability.  Design is not the most important part to everyone, but it is important to many.  Perennial Weddings knows what is available to our florists, we know what our rental company has and what they can find.  At times, certain items are unavailable or are much more expensive in Costa Rica and it can be a smart option for the bride and groom to bring it with them.  We can make recommendations as to where to find these items either in a store front, but primarily online, and also where to save money in doing so.
  5. Relax.  There are many important roles and jobs of your wedding coordinator, but one of the most important is to make the entire planning process as easy, smooth and stress free as possible.  Perennial Weddings wants you to relax and enjoy the planning process, as this only happens once.  There is something fun about each stage and we want to make sure you enjoy all of it!

Consider these things before deciding to plan your own Costa Rican wedding or use a wedding coordinator.  If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.  Have a great day!